Quality Management & Aftercare


Denmark & White Ltd are quality assured and are accredited to ISO 9001: 2008.9001-500

We operate a Quality Management System (QMS) which is beneficial to all stakeholders. The system is web based and therefore can be accessed by anyone after password and usernames have been issued. The concept of the system is to demonstrate, record and rectify quality issues throughout the life of the project.


The Key features and benefits include;

  • It is a live system that needs to be managed and if used to its full potential all parties must be dedicated and committed to the data entry
  • Each project is split into three categories (1) pre construction (2) construction (3) post construction. Quality issues that arise are posted on the system within the correct category, and most importantly are coded
  • When a quality issue is posted the system automatically issues an email notification to the administrator and the owner of the issue
  • When a quality issue is posted, it is also necessary to apply timescales for rectification. This can be bespoke for individual projects
  • When an issue is rectified it needs to be closed out by an appointed member of the team
  • Because the quality issues are coded it allows, via management reports, trends to be tracked and rectified
  • The base information you see on screen is (after you have logged on to your site) a. the date the issue was raised b. the date the issue was uploaded to the QMS c. the owner of the issue d. the issue (fully descriptive) e. the issue code f. the timescale for rectification g. close out date h. comments section
  • The management reports can give as little or as much information as required; for example
    > Nr and type of issues raised for a particular client
    > Nr and type of issues raised for a particular code
    > Nr and type of issues raised for a particular owner across a number of jobs
  • Denmark & White Ltd also utilise a number of Key Performance Indicators to ensure that good and bad trends can be tracked and acted upon. Our KPI’s relating to quality are;
  • Number of defects / outstanding items at practical completion
  • The Employers / End Users satisfaction with the quality of the overall product
  • The Employers / End Users satisfaction with DWL’s after care service


Quality control must evolve from commencement of a project. Our site managers check quality at every stage of construction. As an example, the plastering on a contract is quality checked on its completion; not after the decoration works are complete when imperfections are more apparent but harder to deal with, with less time to action. We insist that each subcontractor has a foreman responsible with whom our managers can liaise with at all times. Weekly coordination meetings are held on site and quality is reviewed on a daily basis. By installing these disciplines, quality issues are dealt with as they arise and are not left until the end of a project to deal with. We strive for zero defects at completion.


Denmark & White Ltd are committed to aftercare and have a dedicated aftercare department ready to deal with all eventualities promptly, efficiently, responsibly and fairly. As a Company we very rarely have experienced out of hours defects. However within the “Operation Manuals and/or Home Owner Packs” we provide a schedule of out of hours contact numbers for both our applicable staff members and our supply chains respective managers. DWL do have staff available 24/7 365 days a year who have the ability to deal with customer issues and defects.


Our response times depend totally on the nature of the issue or defect. These are agreed prior to engaging with our customers and are made very clear in the “Operating Manuals” and/or “Home Owner Packs”. By ensuring clarity, it is easier to manage customers and end users expectations. DWL have in house capabilities to deal with customer issues and defects. We always seek to utilise our supply chain as “first call”; yet should they be unable to meet the timescales, we have the ability to step in to ensure we meet our commitments. Denmark & White Ltd directly employ a number of operatives designated to quality control. This gives us the flexibility to act immediately to a situation should the appropriate supply chain member be unable to respond within the required time periods.