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Supply Chain

Denmark & White Ltd would not be able to operate without its valued supply chain; they play an integral part in the success of each and every project we undertake. Historically in the construction industry as a whole the delivering supply chain have been treated poorly with little regard or recognition of the role they play. We believe that our Supply Chain members should be respected, treated fairly, paid on time and rewarded for good performance – just as we would expect to be treated by our Clients

We operate a Supply Chain management system to ensure that our designers, suppliers and subcontractors operate to the level of quality required. Prior to engaging any supplier they are required to complete a rigorous pre-qualification process to obtain a position of our approved data base.

In respect of our subcontractors, the approved list is in three tiers (1) partnered – for subcontractors who excel, have an extensive track record with DWL and constantly score exceptionally well on performance reviews (2) preferred – for subcontractors who have performed well in the past, have a track record with DWL and constantly score well on performance reviewed (3) approved – for subcontractors who have completed the pre-qualification process to an acceptable standard

We also operate a number of Preferred Supplier Agreements which not only give us greater certainty with regards to delivery and product availability, they also provide commercial advantages which allows the gains to be reinvested into our business and equipment


If you would like to be a member of Denmark & White Ltd’s supply chain, Click here to download the pre-qualification questionnaire